Common Issue For Place an Order

If you forget to choose Size then Add to cart And Buy now Button will never work. So remember to select size for place an order.
You can order any item of website by Single quantity. It means for same design you can not able to order multi Quantity.
If 4 Products are added to card then 5th product can not be added. You can order maximum 4 Quantity at once.

Common Issue On Checkout Page

All of the field on Checkout page Are Mandatory so if any Field is Blank then Order can not placed.
There is address having 3 Field, if any of that field is blank then also order can not be placed.
In Pin-code Field, if Pin-code is Wrong or non Serviceable then also order Can not be Placed.
When You try to place an order, any of above error is shown then Mobile verification code must be verify second time.